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ALL ABOUT US - Outside Places - Bike bit

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Everybody loves to ride a bike - and we have lots of special ones which allow all our users to do just that.
Some you can pedal with your hands, some which have a full harness on (to stop you falling off!), some have 2 wheels, some have 3 and some even have 4!
We have special gloves to hold your hands onto the handlebars and straps to help you keep your feet on the pedals. Some have low gears which you can pedal with a little effort, there are others where someone else can pedal for you.
Not all our visitors' needs or abilities are the same, so none of the bikes are quite the same either.
If you fancy being the next Jensen Button, we also have electric go-karts, one which you operate
with your foot and one that is controlled with your hands.


George and bike  People in the bike section  Rickshaw  Electric car

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