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HOW TO HELP - Donations


You can donate on-line via MyDonate.

If you would prefer to make a donation directly to the Playground, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Cheques, payable to TVAP, can be sent to:  

The Donations' Manager
Thames Valley Adventure Playground
Bath Road

If you are a UK taxpayer, it is possible for us to reclaim the basic rate of tax you have already paid on your donation under the Gift Aid scheme. You can download a Gift Aid form by following this link or you can now complete a Gift Aid Declaration online.


  . . . for just £4 a month, you can be a part of something very special . . .


If you are considering making a donation or would be interested in offering sponsorship for an event, do, please, contact Nicky Hutchinson on 01628 628599 or email

To donate Wish List items or toys etc., please contact or call us on 01628 628599.

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