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ALL ABOUT US - Conditions of Booking




  1. Documentation. You must return your signed booking confirmation by return. You must return your user details form at least one week prior to your visit. If this is a problem you must contact us to arrange an alternative. Please quote your booking reference on all correspondence.

  2. User Contributions. We ask for a user contribution of £8 per child with special needs (or adult user with special needs) to use the Playground. We ask for a contribution of £5 for 30 minutes use of the Multi-Sensory Room. User contributions for children without special needs (other than siblings of children with special needs) will be higher. User contributions for specific services and events will be different. Your user contribution will be agreed at the time of booking. Unless otherwise agreed your user contribution must be received by us on or before the amendment date given to you when you booked. Failure to do this may result in your booking being cancelled.

  3. Amending of your Booking. You are free to amend your booking without penalty up to the amendment date given to you when you booked. All changes must be agreed with us, in advance. Once the amendment date has lapsed we reserve the right to ask for the full user contribution agreed at the time of booking, even if the numbers of users who attend are less than that booked.

  4. Cancellation. You are free to cancel your booking without penalty up to the amendment date given to you when you booked. If you cancel after this date we reserve the right to ask for the full user contribution agreed at the time of booking. Should we have to cancel your booking we will try to agree an alternative date, if this cannot be agreed we will arrange a full refund of any user contribution that you have made relating to the cancelled booking.

  5. Failure to attend. We reserve the right to ask for the full agreed user contribution should you fail to attend or cancel should we be unable to re-allocate your space.

  6. Data Protection. We will ask for and hold the details of our users only for the reasons stated in our Information Sharing, Data Protection and Personal Data policy. Should you have concerns about data transfer/information-sharing, please speak with us.

  7. Fire procedures. Everybody on site (including babies and grandparents!) must be signed into, and out of, the fire register. The register is held at Reception. The evacuation procedure is posted around the building; please make sure that all of your group are acquainted with the drill. The fire assembly point is halfway down the Playground beyond the sandpit.

  8. Usage levels. The total number of users allowed access to the site on any given day will be determined by the Playground Manager using criteria laid out in our Admissions Policy. Individuals arriving without bookings or groups arriving with more users than they booked for run the very real risk of not being admitted if we are fully booked.

  9. Admissions. TVAP reserve the right to operate our admission and booking policies for the benefit of all users. We will try to ensure that we have a good mix of users on site at any one time. Sometimes it may be necessary to limit or restrict access to certain areas or activities to ensure that all users get fair access to our resources.

  10. Age ranges and special needs. We will enforce any age restrictions applying to the day on which you are booked. If you arrive with users outside the age range of those agreed at the time of booking, you will not be able to access the Playground, and we reserve the right to ask for your user contribution in full. We expect you to provide adequate and suitably-trained staff to look after those users in your group to ensure that any unwanted behaviours do not put other Playground users at risk.

  11. Carers. All carers must be over 16 years of age. Unless attending as part of TVAP integrated days we cannot admit any carer’s children who do not have special needs. Caring for your own child must not inhibit your ability to care for the child with special needs. Carers are expected to set a positive example. It is the responsibility of the group leaders to ensure that their staff and volunteers are sufficiently competent to be able to cater for the individual needs of the persons in their care. Due to the extensive nature of the site we would recommend a high carer/child ratio.

  12. Behaviour Management. The group leader/parent or carer will be responsible for the positive behaviour management of the users in their care. The Playground’s behaviour policy states that the safety of the majority will take precedence over individual needs. The Playground reserve the right to ask you to leave if it is felt that the needs of an individual cannot be catered for safely whilst maintaining the safety of other users.

  13. Safeguarding. Thames Valley Adventure Playground is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all Playground and visiting staff, volunteers, parents, guardians and carers to share this commitment. We expect all groups and organisations to operate safer recruitment procedures and to ensure adequate supervision of any staff not holding a clear enhanced DBS check. Copies of our safeguarding policies are available at Reception.

  14. Splash Pool. Please bring costumes, changes of clothes and towels if you wish to use the splash pool area. Please use the changing areas and cubicles provided.

  15. Mobile Phones. The Playground operates a zero tolerance policy in the toilets and changing areas. Any person found using a mobile phone in these areas will be asked to surrender their device for inspection as per our safeguarding and mobile phone policies. Whilst we do not operate a ban on phones we do expect our visitors to respect each other’s rights. Our mobile phone policy is posted around the site and available from Reception. We reserve the right to ask you to refrain from using your phone if it is felt that it is inappropriate for the care of the users in your care.

  16. Photography. Care must be taken when taking photographs of those in your care that no other child is identified in your photo. Under no circumstances should you photograph a child wearing a ‘NO PHOTO’ sticker (available from Reception). As per our Photography Policy it is the responsibility of the individual’s carers to protect their users if they do not have permission to be photographed.

  17. TVAP Photo Consent. We occasionally take photos for PR purposes and for use on internal displays and notice boards. We will always ask permission and respect your decision on an individual basis. If we wish to use a photo for additional purposes such as on our website/social media we will always ask you to sign a consent form.

  18. Health and Safety. The group leader/parent or carer is responsible for the health and safety of all users and carers within their group. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of the site, please ask to speak to the senior playworker on duty. Copies of all health and safety policies are available at Reception.

  19. Smoking. The Playground operates a very restricted smoking policy. If you wish to smoke you must only do so in the designated area in the crazy golf/games area.

  20. First Aid. The playstaff are qualified in first aid and will assist you if needed however the responsibility for First Aid lies with the group leader/parent or carer (whoever is on site) of the user with special needs. First Aid boxes are available at Reception and in the toilet area.

  21. Medication. All non-emergency medication must be surrendered upon arrival, when it will be locked in the medication lockers at Reception. If you have emergency medication that you need to keep with you then this must be kept physically on the carer, either in a belt bag or similar, and never left unattended. Carers must not leave any medication in their handbags or rucksacks; lockers are available for your use at Reception.

  22. Safety in the Layby. Please be aware that the layby outside the Playground is a public road. You are responsible for the safety of those in your care whilst entering and leaving the Playground. Please park your vehicles with due regard for other users but also in such a way that emergency services access is not restricted.

  23. Refreshments. We do not provide any refreshments other than drinking water and drinks obtained from the vending machine. We do not have refrigerated storage so please make your own arrangements to keep your packed lunches fresh, such as coolbags.

  24. Allergies. Please be aware that our users have very diverse dietary needs and some have severe allergies and/or unwanted behaviour concerning food. Do not leave food unattended or in open bags. Please avoid nuts and nut products wherever possible.

  25. Use of the kitchen. We have a small kitchen which you are welcome to use to prepare your meal. We have microwaves for your use and a few cups and plates which you can borrow should you need to whilst you are here, but please make sure you don't take them away with you.

  26. Insurance. Thames Valley Adventure Playground has £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. This does not cover you or your group against third party liability. The insurance certificate is displayed at Reception.

  27. Care of Playground equipment and resources. We reserve the right to ask for a reimbursement towards the cost of replacing equipment or resources damaged through misuse or neglect. We would ask that carers encourage those in their care to help to look after the playground and to keep it tidy and safe.

  28. Comments and complaints. We welcome all feedback. There is a comments book and a white board comment board at Reception. If you have any comments or concerns please feel free to speak with any member of the playstaff. If you would like to make a more formal complaint please ask for a copy of the Complaints Procedure from Reception or download a copy from our website.