Our Trustees

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Debbie Farnfield: Staff Lead

Involved with TVAP for over 30 years due to our disabled son. I feel priviledged to work with the committed and enthusiastic staff who create this safe and stimulating place. 

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Jeremy Malkinson: Treasurer

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Karen Roberts: PR Lead

Mother of a young adult with severe special needs. Background of a career in PR. Passionate believer in standing up for the rights of those who are unable to  speak for themselves. 

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Chris Barrett DL: Interim Chair of Trustees

Passionate about improving the lives of disabled or disadvantaged young people and adults. Background in Advertising and Marketing.

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Ian Perkins: IT Lead 

As the Dad of a teenager who loves every moment at TVAP, I’m happy to have found a way to give something back to such an amazing organisation. I have spent my entire career in IT, currently as a practising solutions architect.

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Lucia Leong: Parent lead

Mum of a young autistic child and toddler who both love their time at TVAP. Passionate about organisations that provides exciting activities and opportunities for those with additional needs. Background in transformation work within NHS and local authorities. 

(Our Trustees are our board)

TVAP CIO follow the charity governance code for small charities

1. Organisational purpose

The board is clear about the charity’s aims and ensures that these are being delivered effectively and sustainably.

2. Leadership

Every charity is led by an effective board that provides strategic leadership in line with the charity’s aims and values.

3. Integrity

The board acts with integrity, adopting values and creating a culture which help achieve the organisation’s charitable purposes. The board is aware of the importance of the public’s confidence and trust in charities, and trustees undertake their duties accordingly.

4. Decision-making, risk and control

The board makes sure that its decision-making processes are informed, rigorous and timely and that effective delegation, control and risk assessment and management systems are set up and monitored.

5. Board effectiveness

The board works as an effective team, using the appropriate balance of skills, experience, backgrounds and knowledge to make informed decisions.

6. Diversity

The board’s approach to diversity supports its effectiveness, leadership and decision-making.

7. Openness and accountability

The board leads the organisation in being transparent and accountable. The charity is open in its work, unless there is good reason for it not to be.