If you live locally and are having a clear-out of children's toys (the chunky kind) or have a surplus of any materials suitable for arts and crafts, it would be marvellous to hear from you.

Our Wish List covers all sorts of items, both one-offs and things for which we have an ongoing need:  from toys to tarpaulins, from dustpans to duct tape - it's all here!  As an easy way to help why not visit our Amazon page where you can select something off our list and it will be shipped direct to us. Thank you so much - it really does all help.


Toilet Rolls

Kitchen Rolls

Furniture Polish (Wax Free)

Sponge Scourers

J Cloths

Boxes of Tissues

Baby Wipes

Sugar-Free Squash

Washing Up Liquid

Paper Plates


Tea Bags

Kitchen Foil

Greaseproof Paper

Cake Tins


Postage Stamps

Blu Tac

Printer Paper

Black & Blue Biros

Post-it Notes

White Board Markers

Permanent Markers

Parcel Tape

Arts and Craft

Paint brushes

Washable chunky felt pens

Glue Sticks

PVA Glue

Blu Tac

Tissue Paper


Toys /Activities (Good condition secondhand welcome)

Sensory Toys 

Anything from the ‘Leapfrog’  discovery range

Bubble mix and bubble blowers

Whack Attack